A Culture of Lies, Destruction, & Murder As Predicted in the Bible

My sister passed along a photo on Facebook of a chicken farm burning to the ground, the 19th such farm to be torched so far this year by arson. This farm was a major supplier of eggs, selling some 3 million a day. In Pennsylvania and Iowa, millions of chickens and turkeys have had to be slaughtered this year because of bird flu. I was listening to a succession of farmers and ranchers call into the Sean Hannity radio program, speaking of how they were facing potential bankruptcy with the soaring fuel prices. Livestock producers are especially hard hit, not only the poultry farmers but the cattlemen as well, who have the added problem of getting their cattle to market with a truck-driver shortage and only four packing companies in the country processing meat.

When we look at what’s happening in the U.S. since the Biden administration took over the White House, we can see not only an unraveling of the nations’ economy, but a general spirit of total lawlessness taking over the country, fostered and nurtured by the election of leftists as district attorneys, governors, and members of Congress as well as the appointment of leftist judges to federal court benches. All of this together has given this nation a clear picture as to what the idea of “woke” is all about. I could go on about how our educational system has been taken over by neo-Marxists pushing the LGBTQ+ rights issue upon the youngest school children, and how our military as well as our law enforcement agencies have been gutted over Covid-19 vaccinations and “Defund the Police” efforts. All these are the results of a political movement that has its origins in unseen spiritual forces.

The very fact that 19 poultry farms have been targeted by arsonists is a demonstration of the “woke” culture at work to push what is really a Marxist agenda on the country. That Marxism has its foundations in demonic influences has become very apparent, because who else but Marxist-backed radical animal rights activists would destroy the livelihoods of agricultural workers, not to mention a good part of our nation’s food supply, to send the clear message to all the rest of us that we’re all supposed to become vegans. Never mind that they killed so many birds (how’s that for protecting animals?). They just want us all to quit eating eggs and meat as part of the development of a “utopian world,” as the envision it.

This goes along with what LGBTQ radicals are saying, that we’re all supposed to “evolve” into homosexuals, with young children taught if they want to go transgender, that’s good, and that being gay is preferable to being straight. What this translates into as that heterosexual behavior (and marriage) should ultimately be eliminated, and the traditional family become a thing of the past. This is very much in keeping with what Karl Marx envisioned for the world in a “utopian” state. This is what the “woke” culture is completely committed to–making the final push to see the U.S., and then the whole world, in a godless society where everyone’s queer, lives on vegetation, and no longer works at any kind of a job. They’re all just supposed to live in perfect harmony with each other. This is exactly what Satan wants to see Marxists push for, because he knows it would end up in the complete annihilation of the human race.

How do I know Satan was the originator of Marxist ideology? Because that clearly shows up in the various evil things Marx advocated, things which we see foretold in Scripture. The “woke” movement has drawn followers from various churches and religious backgrounds with this call for the realization of a perfect ideal, conflict-free world, where all injustices are redressed, and equity is assured for all people. What so many don’t realize is they have been duped into believing such a delusion, that humans would even be capable of forming a world at perfect peace and harmony apart from its Creator. But this is the influence of Satan and the demonic spirits who partner with him. The Apostle Paul brings this into focus in I Timothy 4:1-3, in which he writes:

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons, through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared, who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.” (ESV)

This describes exactly what we’re seeing in this neo-Marxist “woke” movement. The Apostle Paul was given a revelation of the evil that would be unleashed on the earth in the closing days of time, with an assault on human sexuality as God designed and intended it to be, and restrictions on what they eat, can buy, or even say or think. People who have totally sold out to this demonic political ideology, even in the name of trying to be “good Christians,” fail to recognize how badly their minds have been twisted by demonic powers.

All of this is what Paul refers to in Verse 1 of this passage concerning those who would forsake the teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith to follow after “deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.” The rise of New Age spirituality and neo-paganism over the last four decades in this country has led many people, including those in Christian churches, to the worship of the Mother Earth goddess Gaia, and the practice of sorcery and witchcraft. All of this leaves these people wide open to the controlling power of Satan and his demon cohorts. Those of us who have been pastors for any period of time can attest that when people dabble in the occult, they open themselves up to demonic possession, which can then lead to criminal behavior, up to and including murder. Add the Satan-concocted philosophy of Marxism with its ultimate call of mass genocide against everyone on earth who will not embrace the Godless, demonic, delusion of utopia, and we end up where we are as a nation today.

It is Satan’s goal and program to divide and destroy, be it a marriage, a family, or a nation. In Hebrew his name is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon. Both names mean Destroyer. What makes this name so appropriate is that it’s entirely within his nature and character to be a liar, a thief, and a murderer. Naturally, he would whisper into the mind and heart of a young Karl Marx a hatred for everything that God made good, turning him against the Judeo/Christian tradition after his father insisted their family convert from Judaism to the Lutheran Church, all for the sake of financial advantage. Whether or not Karl Marx himself became demon-possessed, we do not know. But one thing is certain: the philosophy he developed is demoniacal in what it proposes, especially when it comes to the principle of the ends (a Godless utopian world) justifies whatever means necessary to reach it, including the mass slaughter of any and all people who stand in its way.

So what do we do about this Marxist “woke” movement? Insurrection against the current administration is NOT the answer. Praying for God to move on the hearts and minds of those caught up in this whole Marxist culture, and in particular, that they be delivered from the demonic influences driving them to engage in all their evil activities, is. As Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” We need to pray for God to pour out His Holy Spirit on the nation and Marxists especially, as they will see clearly whose lies they believe, and turn to God and His truth instead.

Scripture quotations taken from The ESB Bible, (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version) copyright 2001, by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Arise and Save: A Psalm 3 Meditation

His own son had seized power by stealth, stealing the hearts of the Israelite people by advertising himself as a judge of the people. King David had not been the best father when it came to correcting his sons’ bad behavior. Now his son Absalom had taken control of Jerusalem and was ruling over Israel, while David had fled to the east. (2 Samuel 14-17). He wrote this psalm during this crisis, and in it, he affirms his faith and trust in God to save him from his son’s treachery. David begins the psalm by acknowledging that Absalom had build up a strong following of enemies looking to kill him, believing that God was on their side. David contrasts this with the reality that God is his shield and protector, the One who enables him to keep his head up and maintain his kingship.

David writes of how he prayed to the Lord and received an assuring answer. Despite his life being under threat, he tells of being able to lie down and sleep at night, without fear of how big the army was that was backing Absalom. His petition in the last stanza of Psalm 3 (verses 7-8), calls upon God to save him from this effort to kill him, recognizing that God deals with his enemies in a very powerful and forceful way. The reason is that salvation is God’s possession and provision, and grants it to those who earnestly seek Him.

This psalm can serve as a morning prayer for anyone who becomes a target of attack, harassment, character assassination, or outright oppression, with others seeking to destroy their lives. You don’t have to be somebody as important as a king to experience threats against your life, family, or well-being. I’ve been battling with people for over a decade who’ve been totally committed to turning me into the opposite of everything I am as a man, a husband to a loving woman, and a Christian. I’ve been the target of a very aggressive campaign by the militant LGBTQ rights movement and their Marxist supporters to brainwash me through psychiatry into joining them in the queer lifestyle, waving the rainbow flag, and carrying the banner for the Marxist Utopian Deep State, as its known by many. I’ve learned that militant gay rights activists who want more queer sex partners won’t take “No” for an answer unless something happens to them that causes them to back down. That’s left me in a perpetual combat mode against these people and the very powerful and wealthy pro-Marxist organization backing them. They’ve utilized the apartment building Julie and I have been living in with its wooden floors to do illegal surveillance on us, interfering with my computers, monitoring my phone, and blocking me from the means of earning a living. They’ve subjected us to physical assault with various toxic substances blown up through our ventilation ducts and our floors to cause respiratory problems.

Through all of this, I’ve had to learn how to trust God with the battle and the people involved and pray for God’s saving work among them, and His deliverance of me from their evil plot. I’ve had to learn to lie down at night and rest in the arms of Jesus, trusting Him to protect me from anything these people might do to me, and from Satan and his demon cohorts trying to take possession of me. I can join with David in saying, “Salvation belongs to the Lord.”

Ministering to Those Who Need Christ Most

I’ve wrestled with this issue because of the struggle I’ve had to find natural compassion for the spiritually lost who are hostile to the Christian faith. I’m deeply troubled over the fact that I find it much easier to judge and condemn people than show Christ’s love to them. I struggle with the problem of pointing people to Christ without giving the appearance of approving of their sin. I’m working to learn Christ’s way of touching the lives of people the way He did, showing them unconditional love while at the same time making it clear that their sin displeases God. The only difference here is that I am not Jesus, and I most certainly am not sinless. This is why it’s so important for me to keep in mind the words of Scripture that the truth will set us free (John 8:32). Christ came to set people free from the control of sin, not just its penalty.

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Abraham: A Model for Intercession

(Based on Genesis 18: 16-33)

When we think of intercessory prayer, we usually think of praying for loved ones in need, or for friends who may need a fresh touch from Christ, or who may even need to come to salvation through Him. We don’t usually think of praying for God to not overthrow a city or country. But this is what Abraham found himself doing when he was met by a human manifestation of God, (who many scholars believe was actually Jesus in a pre-incarnate appearance.) They came to his place where his tents were pitched, to speak to him and Sarah his wife about the son they would be holding in a year, a son born to them miraculously in their old age.

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“Praying for Justice: Persistence is the Key”

A scripture passage I read frequently is the Parable of the Persistent Widow, found in Luke 18:1-8. It’s the only place in the Gospels where this parable of Jesus is found, and it serves to illustrate just how important persistent prayer is. This is a topic that has been at the forefront of my life in recent years, even as I have wrestled with an ongoing injustice waged against me by others. While I don’t care to write about the specifics of that now, I do wish to share what I’ve learned about injustice versus God’s justice through this experience, and the examination of this scripture.

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When God Brings Justice His Way

Justice. We’ve heard the cry for it from school and restaurant shootings, from the family and friends of a black teenager gunned down by a young cop only 90 minutes after his swearing-in, and from a growing number of men and women violated sexually by predatory men in positions of importance or prominence. Sometimes the word “justice” gets replaced with “vengeance,” which means something else entirely, but nonetheless, we hear the desperate calls for it from those who feel powerless against those in authority over them. Common with all of these cries for justice is the anger and vehemence with which these calls are made. Some of the demonstrations surrounding some of these events have almost taken on the tone of lynching parties, which is a natural result of what happens when violence has occurred claiming innocent lives, and those left as victims in its wake feel they have no power to change what has caused the evil in the first place.

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What’s Missing from the School Violence Discussion

In the weeks since the massacre in Parkland, Florida, I’ve shared the heavy heart of many others, young and old, over the senseless loss of life at the hands of a troubled young man. For seventeen lives to be snuffed out because of a succession of failures on the part of many to identify this teenager as a serious risk is both infuriating and disheartening. Added to this, for gun owners comes the prospect of an eventual ban on the sale of military style assault weapons to regular citizens, which raises the inevitable questions about Second Amendment rights versus the need to protect school children. This, of course, will continue to be debated even as lawmakers wrestle with the writing and passage of legislation to restrict access to firearms as well as providing more mental health services to those deemed as high risk.
While the discussion and debate in the wake of tragedies caused by gun violence rages between advocates of firearms bans and gun enthusiasts who call for arming teachers and more mental health care, there’s another element to this whole problem I’m not hearing much about. It’s the role of how our whole educational process impacts the way our children today see themselves and each other. The teaching of evolution in our schools as an ironclad, unquestionable  scientific fact has left multiple generations in our culture with a schizophrenic view of humanity. The concept of survival of the fittest creates a dilemma for our culture, and for our youth in particular, when it comes to the matter of civility. If we’re all just animals, as evolutionists assert, with no more intrinsic value than a pig or a rabbit (if we even have that much), then why should we be so concerned about bullying, or even gun violence among kids? According to natural, evolutionary processes, do not the weaker, sicklier, less intelligent members of a species need to die off and get out of the way of the stronger, more intelligent, more advanced? What does this teach our children about being human?
I raise these rhetorical questions in order to focus our attention on factors that contribute to youth violence. While much is being said about identifying the mentally disturbed and sending them into treatment (i.e. medication to control their angry impulses), we don’t seem to be so willing to take a serious look at what our children are being taught about life in school and elsewhere. Take for example, the matter of human sexuality. Our schools and media, along with the scientific community, tell our kids that because humans are animals, whenever our hormones kick in, or our prostate glands fill up, we must get sex wherever we can get it. “You cannot do without sex any more than dogs or cats can,” is the message our youth receive. So, we make 12-year-old girls get vaccinated against HPV, while we explain to our young boys how to use condoms. This is all under the belief that kids are going to do it, because after all, they’re just animals following their natural impulses. But then, we pass laws governing sex, declaring the age of consent to be 16 in most states. So the message then to the kids is: “We know you’re going to have sex, because you’re animals, so that’s why we’re teaching you how to do it safely at age 12. But because of laws governing us humans that guard against sex crimes, you’d better wait until you’re 16 or you could get arrested and charged with statutory rape.” What do we have here? A mixed message based on animal science versus human reality. This is what I call cultural schizophrenia: confusing kids with a conflicting message about what they are and should be and how they should act.
Let’s translate this now to the matter of school violence. On the one hand, we teach children that as human beings we need to learn to celebrate people’s differences, grow to appreciate diversity, and treat each other with respect and dignity, including those with various challenges, physical and mental. But then we tell them that because of the laws of natural selection with the principle of survival of the fittest governing humans as well as the rest of the natural world, people who are somehow “defective” or “undesirable” for reasons physical, mental, philosophical, or religious, will need to be done away with if the planet is ever going to realize the “utopian” state that will supposedly ensure its survival. So, once again, children are given a mixed message that says “All people should be loved and appreciated as they are, but only those people who can learn to live in perfect harmony with each other and nature will live in the new world order of a brotherhood of humanity.” Again, this is teaching that amounts to cultural schizophrenia (not to mention a subtle promotion of Marx’s doctrine of mass genocide against utopian resistors.)
What’s the connection between the mixed message of evolutionary natural selection versus human dignity, and the problem of school violence? Let’s look at the young man at the center of the Parkland, Florida tragedy. Here’s a boy whose violent, aggressive, anti-social behavior got him thrown out of 3 different high schools, we are told. In one way or another, at some time, he got the message, “You’re not right as a human being, you don’t fit in, and therefore, you’re not going to be good for anything on this earth to help the planet or anyone on it, in the future.” Imagine his internalizing this message and its impact on his overall psyche. Mix in bullying and taunting by peers with the purchase of guns put into his possession and what do we have? A troubled young man who finds himself marginalized and ostracized by the immediate culture around him that he knows, leaving him with the feeling that if his life isn’t worth anything, then maybe nobody else’s is either. That in no way justifies the horrific act of bloodshed he committed against 17 innocent persons in that high school on Valentine’s Day. But does it not, at some point, illustrate the results of teaching our youth contradictory concepts of humanity?
As for the issue of bullying, we can and should try to stop it in our schools and elsewhere to prevent such tragedies as school mass shootings from continuing. But even with bullying, is there not a certain measure of split-tongued hypocrisy in our cries against it? If we teach kids that survival of the fittest applies to all species including humans, is it not natural then for children who are strong, healthy, and who lack any physical or mental abnormalities to taunt, harass, and abuse those who do? If the laws of natural selection are at work here according to scientific evolution, is this not a logical way for humans to work with nature to progressively eliminate those from the race who would weaken the gene pool with physical or mental deformities, or religious beliefs that stand in the way of evolutionary progress leading to an idyllic, utopian existence? Dare I even suggest that those who won’t likely help the earth move into such an existence must by necessity die from illness, suicide, or genocide, to get them out of the way of such “progress”? In no way am I endorsing bullying here. But I can’t help raising questions about the logical consequences of teaching children the importance of treating all people with dignity and respect out of one corner of our collective, cultural mouths, and then teaching them out of the other that only those humans who will help move the planet into a perfect, harmonious existence deserve to be allowed to live on it.
To summarize, what I am asking here is: Are we willing to look at this problem of school violence and gun control through a lens other than just getting rid of weapons? The bombings in Austin, Texas remind us that guns aren’t the only weapons that can bring death and destruction at the hands of a young man. But perhaps if we began elevating the true value of human beings above that of dogs, cats, pigs, or cockroaches in the educating of our children, would we not find that the message they receive from us concerning what it means to be human will be singular and sane, not schizophrenic? Or is that asking too much of an elitist, sophisticated  and rationalistic culture that says it cannot tolerate any obstacles to the realization of the utopian dream? Might our children learn and live better if they’re told they’re “made a little lower than the angels” (Psalm 8:5), instead of being told they’re lower than pigs?

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Justice vs. Vengeance: How the #Me Too Movement Blurs the Two

As the daily news headlines seem to carry the story of another high profile man accused of sexual misconduct, one message seems to be coming through from the victims: “Sincere apologies are not enough; we will make you pay and pay dearly for what your did to us.” That’s understandable in cases of rape or physical assault involving grabbing, groping, or forcible kissing, exhibitionism, or soliciting sex. But every small infraction a man could possibly commit physically or verbally is now viewed as cause for totally ruining his career, marriage, future, and life. This #Me Too movement now appears to be more than just an effort to obtain real justice for women and men victimized by serious sex crimes. It looks like a movement that is  not only trying to change a cultural environment, but to change the whole culture’s view of human sexuality.

That begs a couple of questions from men like myself who know we have not always behaved in a perfect manner toward women. Likewise, our wives, sisters, and daughters are asking, “Who and what is really behind this?” One of the questions I have about this movement is, Do these women who have allegedly been violated desire to see true justice or vengeance? There is a distinct difference between the two, and I’m not sure this #Me Too movement is making that distinction.

Let me illustrate the difference by pulling one of the cases from the recent headlines: Charlie Rose. No matter what you might think of him personally, Rose earned himself the reputation as an old-school, hard-nosed journalist unafraid to ask the tough questions of everyone he interviewed, regardless of which political party, company, or organization they represented. That’s what a good journalist does.

Mr. Rose also earned the reputation of being a classic ladies’ man, the quintessential cool, smooth, suave, debonair British gentleman who could make women’s hearts flutter just by walking into a room. Unfortunately, many of those women recently learned that he’s really a dirty old man. His sexual antics, as reported by women hired to work for his news documentary show, and by several co-workers at CBS, caused him to have his program yanked off the air, and to be fired by CBS and PBS. That leads to the question: Will true justice be served in the case of Charlie Rose and his alleged victims?

Let me answer that this way. There is a three-fold purpose I have identified to true justice in the case of the perpetrator: 1)Conviction for and admission of guilt for wrongdoing; 2)Correcting the behavior and attitudes of the perpetrator so that they repent of their wrongdoing and determine to turn away from it, and 3)Restitution to the victim, if applicable, or the sincere apologizing and seeking forgiveness for the wrong done. This implies that true justice, if it is to be realized completely, requires something from the victim: the willingness to eventually forgive, if not for the perpetrator, for the victim’s own emotional and spiritual well-being. It is only when we choose to forgive someone for wrong they’ve done to us, that we ourselves are released from the control of that hurt. If we continue to hold onto that hurt and refuse to forgive, especially if the wrongdoer has repented, then that can grow into bitterness that eventually eats up the victim, while the perpetrator may still find peace and restoration through other means. The ultimate goals of true justice are healing and redemption: healing for the victim, redemption for the perpetrator.

This brings us back to the matter of what the women of the #Me Too movement are really seeking. In the case of Charlie Rose and the women he hurt, the question that has to be asked is, (this is the Christian minister in me speaking) Does anybody care enough about Charlie Rose, (not the journalist, the person), to find out what led him down the slippery slope into sexual misconduct, in order to possibly help him to take ownership over his actions, confess and repent of them, and allow others to walk and talk with him through the process of redemption and restoration? Does anybody care enough about him to see him become a changed man, one who honors and respects women, or is the desire of his victims and the #Me Too movement to see him spend the rest of his life isolated, broken, and bitter, dying a lonely and painful death, and then rotting in hell? If their desire is truly for the former, then that is seeking justice. If it’s the latter, then that’s merely a desire for vengeance.

Vengeance, in contrast to justice, has just 2 objectives: punish and destroy. It seeks to inflict as much misery on wrongdoers as possible, and ultimately, to see them completely destroyed as persons, and not just removed from positions of authority. According to the Bible, vengeance is only properly meted out by God, and He only does so when people are totally unrepentant and determined to do evil to others (Deuteronomy 32: 35-36). When people seek vengeance against those who violate them, it forces their enemies to fight back for their very lives and souls, not just their reputations, which can eventually lead to violence and bloodshed.

This brings me back to the original questions raised here: Who is really behind this #Me Too movement and what is their real agenda? If it is to seek true justice for victims of sexual abuse by changing the culture that lends itself to abuse through changing the attitudes and behavior of abusers, then this is a badly needed movement that’s been long time in coming. If however, this is a movement to destroy certain people in order to promote another political agenda, that will most certainly lead to a backlash, perhaps even a violent one. What I mean is this: I have a hard time believing that all these women bringing all these accusations against all these men really want to see the men completely destroyed, with careers ruined and marriages and families ripped apart. I’m sure most of them recognize this could backfire on them in the worst way, and even cause the cases of women who are victims of violent sexual assault to not be heard.

What I’m wondering is if this #Me Too movement has been concocted and instigated by militant gay rights activists, using the New York Times and Washington Post as well as real victims of sexual abuse, to paint a dark picture of heterosexuality itself. They might be seeking to discredit heterosexuality by using all these cases as a way of presenting the idea that homosexuality is to be preferred, with heterosexuality being cast as abnormal, inherently exploitative of women, unnatural, and undesirable. This ties in with the argument made increasingly by gay rights activists that gay people are the most evolved of all, and that all people should move away from heterosexuality and become gay. What better way to push this propaganda for the gay lifestyle than to daily mention more and more cases of sexual misconduct my men against women? The fact that any cases of gay men in positions of power who get accused of molesting boys are quickly squelched by the media is further proof of an effort to present gay as beautiful and most desirable, and straight as totally sick and undesirable. I’ve had enough run-ins with militant gays to know this could well be their latest tactic to force their agenda of making the gay lifestyle totally unquestionable, unchallenged, and the only acceptable form of human sexual behavior.

But there’s something the gay community and their supporters do not recognize: God is still on His throne. He hasn’t changed, and He hasn’t rewritten His Word. He will have the final word on human sexuality, guaranteed. That will be the ultimate justice for those who have faithfully followed Him through Jesus Christ, by being redeemed from lives of sin through His shed blood. That’s a promise offered to everyone who would place his or her trust in Jesus. To do so, simply pray by telling Jesus that you recognize you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, that you are willing to turn from your sin and want His help to do so, believing that He died for your sins, and then receive His forgiveness. That offer is there for you whether you’re a victim of sexual abuse, or a sex offender. If you pray such a prayer and find Jesus coming into your life, be sure to tell a friend or family member that you’ve done so.


Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Hedonism

Harvey Weinstein’s smiling, bearded face on camera hid a twisted, lust-driven character, according to the New York Times and other sources. The growing reports of his unwanted sexual advances toward various women in the entertainment, fashion, and news reporting industries are revealing Mr. Weinstein as a paramour with an out-of-control sexual appetite. But while journalists, entertainers, and politicians alike are expressing shock, horror, and disgust over his lewd actions around women, what I find equally appalling is our news media’s reaction of revulsion to Weinstein’s behavior just two weeks after lauding and praising the “pioneering” life of Hugh Hefner upon his passing.
For Mr. Weinstein’s part, we have to look at how he turned into the man he is. I greatly doubt that as a young boy, Harvey said to himself one day, “When I grow up, I wanna be a disgusting, horny, lustful, womanizing exhibitionist and pervert who engages in deviant sexual behavior with beautiful young women.” More likely, Mr. Weinstein grew up in a home where Playboy magazine lay in the same rack with Time, Sports Illustrated, and the daily newspaper. Added to that, it wouldn’t surprise me if pornographic films and books were also available in his home, which was common among my peers growing up. As an adolescent, he very likely saw more than his share of nude photos of women, plus women engaged in a variety of sex acts, all of which would have fueled his desire for the lurid and the sensual. While this is all conjecture on my part, I’m certain that if Mr. Weinstein receives counseling for sexual addiction, his counselors will find this to be a key aspect of his life history. Growing up in an environment in which the social and moral philosophy of hedonism was embraced as good, fun, and even virtuous, as expressed in Playboy and in other similar media outlets, helped Harvey Weinstein to become what he is today, a man permanently stuck in the early adolescent fantasy world of the Playboy culture who can no longer recognize the reality of how most women really want to be treated.
This brings me back to the disgust I felt over how our news media reported on the death of Hugh Hefner. He was presented in a glowing manner as a ground-breaking media mogul who brought sex out from behind the closed door of the master bedroom and out into the public discourse as the most popular topic of our day. For Hefner, sex wasn’t meant to be a deep, intimate, expression of love between a man and a woman committed to each other for life in the institution of marriage. It was meant to be a pleasure sought after for its own sake. This was a constant theme found in the articles of his magazine, as others have noted, reinforced by the four-color air-brushed images of nubile females appearing in the middle pages of each issue. The very title given to the centerfolds of “Playmate of the Month” suggests not a living, thinking person, but a toy, an object of pleasure for men who have difficulty dealing with their sex drives in a constructive manner. What this reveals about Hefner is that he, like Harvey Weinstein, was also stuck psychologically in permanent early adolescence in which fantasy rules over reality in their understanding of sexuality and of how women really are. Hefner’s view of women, by all accounts, was that they were creatures intended primarily to satisfy the male sexual appetite, instead of being co-regents in the establishment and building of homes and families.
So, the real question here is not “How could Harvey Weinstein do such things to women?”, but rather “Why should what he has done be so shocking?” Harvey Weinstein is a product of the hedonistic, Playboy culture and the sexual revolution it helped to spawn, a culture that preaches a message of “drop your inhibitions about sex by dropping your pants (or your zipper, at least), and get sexual pleasure wherever, however, and with whomever you can.” This is the philosophy Hugh Hefner both extolled and lived by, and according to our media, was greatly admired and envied by many men for being able to live it out. But what made Hugh Hefner any different from Harvey Weinstein? The only real difference I can see is Hefner figured out how to use beautiful young women for his own selfish pleasure and get away with it, while Weinstein couldn’t. Hefner was a paper pimp who paid young women to not only appear naked in his magazine, but also to serve as a “stable” of beautiful babes he kept in his mansion to entertain his male friends like Bill Cosby, and lie down for him whenever he wanted sexual pleasure. Weinstein tried to get that for free without consent, and that is regarded as a crime by the entertainment industry, and likely by district attorneys as well.
I don’t mean to convey the belief that Harvey Weinstein should not be held accountable for his actions. He must be, for his own good, as well as for the sake of justice for his victims. But I find the hypocrisy of our news media particularly nauseating in their praise of Hugh Hefner for helping to launch the sexual revolution in this country, when it is the sexual revolution that helped shape the Harvey Weinsteins of our day. Unless and until we are willing as a nation and a culture to confront the contributing  sources of sexual perversion that show up in men like Weinstein, holding those sources accountable for creating the twisted fantasy world in the minds of such people, the disease of sexual addiction will only worsen, making more sexual predators like Weinstein, and leaving more victims in their wake.

Surviving Gas Shortages

A pipeline bursts. Gasoline spews out, and the flow of gas to distribution depots and stations slows to a halt. Suddenly, states of emergency are declared to prevent price gouging and to allow more tanker trucks to get through fully loaded to restock the stations. It happened last week in Alabama, affecting the southeastern U.S., including where I live in North Carolina.

The inevitable result: panic buying. Motorists stopping at every station that still has gas, topping off their tanks (even if it only takes eight-tenths of a gallon to fill up) causing stations to run dry before they can be resupplied. It’s frustrating for every other motorist who stays cool through the crisis, figuring out what they need to make it through. But there’s a much better way to handle this problem when it crops up, as we know it will inevitably at most inopportune times.

A key to being prepared for gasoline shortages is to know what kind of mileage your vehicle(s) get, and how far you drive on the average between fill-ups. This means recording odometer and/or trip distance meter readings off the dashboard. Each time you fill up your vehicle, keep your receipt and then check your distance readings from your last fill-up. Divide the total miles accumulated from your last gas purchase by the number of gallons you put in at your present fill-up and that will give you your vehicle’s gas mileage. This will help you know how much gas you need for your normal driving distances.

To keep more complete records of how far you drive and how much gas you’re using on a weekly basis, use a mileage app on your smartphone (there are a number of those), or get a daily planner/calendar with mileage log  pages. You can go even simpler than that. My wife and I keep little memo books with a pen or pencil in our glove compartments, so that each time we stop for gas, we can record all  the necessary information. We write down the date, then the dollar amount of the gas we’ve bought, followed by the actual amount of gas we’ve put in the vehicle. Then we check the trip distance meter on the dashboard (usually underneath the odometer, or electronically imbedded within it and accessed by a pushbutton), record that number to determine the distance since our last fill-up, then clearing it back to zero. Then we write down the odometer reading to keep a more complete picture of mileage and driving distances. It rarely takes more than a couple of minutes for us to do this, and helps us immensely in measuring our vehicles’ performance as well as our driving habits.

Doing this simple record-keeping on your fuel consumption can save you needless panic and aggravation, as well as help prevent shortages occurring the next time a refinery has an explosion, or a pipeline bursts.