I set up this site in 2013 to provide myself an outlet for expressing my personal views on various topics of the day, linking them to insights gleaned from years of Bible study. I bill myself as a journalist/theologian, because I started out educationally and career wise aiming toward the field of broadcast journalism, but ended up going on to seminary, spending a number of years in church ministry as a pastor. My writing is drawn from my training and experience in those fields, and my desire is to bring the two roles together on this site.

What I look to do on this site is to look at events and  trends of today, and try to present thoughts and insights based in a biblical worldview, without pounding readers over the head with continual Scripture quotes. If I do expound a passage of Scripture like a written sermon, I will say so at the beginning of the essay. In addition to such essays, you will likely see other kinds of material such as short fiction stories, allegories, poems, and even news stories gleaned from other sources around the world not covered by our regular media.

What I will do my best not to give my readers are snarky comments about public figures, or sarcastic and sardonic humor that holds others up to ridicule and contempt. There’s more than enough of that demeaning, dehumanizing content to be found on the Internet. My primary goal with this website is to speak God’s truth in love to the extent He enables me. I will not  compromise on truth to avoid causing offense, but I don’t want to write in a manner that communicates rage and  bitterness, or judgement that isn’t my place or prerogative to give. I invite you, the reader, to join me on this journey of understanding our world from God’s perspective as you subscribe to the journtheofc.com site. May He bless you with illumination and inspiration, as I share what He gives me.

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