A Final Warning to Those Trying to Change Me

November 16, 2022

Beginning the day as I usually do, reading my devotions, I was asking God as always, to speak to me out of the Scripture, showing me what I needed to see and what He wanted me to do. Reading out of Ezekiel 3 as part of the assigned reading for the day, it became very clear to me that God was calling me to write another warning, a final warning of His impending wrath and judgment, to be poured out on these people absolutely determined to see me divorced from Julie and living as a queer in the gay community. It is because they have determined in their hearts and minds that I can’t be anything but a homo because of their observations of me and my background, and that I am not “being true to myself” by living as the straight man that I am, that God’s fiercest wrath is coming down on them, and swiftly.

Just who all is this warning issued to? Everybody involved, according to what God has shown me, except for those who have hearts still tender enough to respond to His grace and mercy. First and foremost, it is the LGBTQI+ activists engaged in the lifestyle, who will face some of the worst of God’s wrath and judgment. How do I know this? They’re the ones who have pointed their fingers at me, saying I just have to be one of them, and that I must come join them in the lifestyle, its promotion, and the Marxist ideals on which they’ve based their movement. They’ve declared that anyone they see who they want as another queer sex partner is gay, or must become gay, and is going to join them no matter what. It is for this rigid determination that anyone and everyone they want to come join them in their perversion that God will bring down His hand of doom and judgment on this whole LGBTQI rights movement as He did on Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities of the plain where Lot lived, as we read in Genesis 19. That doesn’t mean God will rain down fire and brimstone on them, but He will execute His judgment in a way that there will be no mistaking that it has come from Him.

Another group of people facing God’s wrath and judgment for all the evils they’ve done to me are the pagan witchcraft practitioners who have cast all kinds of spells on me to effeminize me in every way possible, and give me all the appearance of being a homo. Their curses on my body have affected me in so many ways that it’s a wonder I’m still alive, because I’m sure some were intended to kill me. God has seen and heard every one of these curses and spells, and He has decreed that everyone who has engaged in placing these on me who does not repent of their evil and turn to Jesus instead, will be tormented day and night throughout all eternity for the wickedness they’ve done to me and others. If they want to argue that when they die, they’ll just be gone, and that’s it’s because there is no human soul, then they’re being totally hypocritical. One cannot believe in the spirit world, as they obviously do when they invoke spiritual powers on others through their spells, and not also believe in the existence of an eternal human soul. That part of ;us will never die, but it is our choice as to where that soul will spend eternity, either in God’s glorious presence, or in eternal torment apart from Him.

Still another group facing God’s wrath and judgment for the evil they’ve done to me are those from the Marxist Deep State who are involved in this effort to see me land in the queer community. This would be the people who provided the illegal surveillance equipment that has been used on me and Julie, for the last almost 14 years. These are the people who have no qualms about breaking any and all laws to achieve the delusional Utopian world they blindly believe could be. They are the ones that have furnished the technical know-how as well as the equipment to those in the apartment below us to monitor everything I say, do, or even write to see what they can use against me to ultimately land me out in the homo community. They’ve also set up the apparatus to burn or spray whatever biological agents they have aimed up into our apartment at me to foul up my health. They also are the ones who have hacked my computers and phones, doing everything they can to disrupt anything I attempt to do, up to and including even trying to get work. They are determined, above everyone involved, to see me “outed” and living as a queer, to make sure I will never expose the breadth and depth of the crimes they are willing to commit to see me bow to their will. God has shown me His is reserving some of His fiercest acts of wrath against these, so that their evil deeds against Julie and me will become public knowledge, with nothing hidden.

The last group facing God’s wrath and judgment for all this wicked effort to “out” me falsely and wrongfully are the false teachers and preachers who espouse the lies that God sanctions and blesses homosexual behavior and other sexual aberrations. The ministers of mainline liberal Protestant churches who teach and preach that not only approve of but encourage people to “go gay,” will face the most excruciating eternal tormenting for despising God’s Word, the Bible, treating it with contempt, and contradicting its truths. They will be judged severely for all eternity for twisting Scripture, declaring what God calls evil, good, and what God calls good, evil. They will be tormented night and day eternally for leading so many others astray with their teaching.

So, when will this doom and judgment fall on all these I’ve mentioned? Obviously, I don’t know. Nor do I know exactly how He will bring it about. I only know that He has shown me at different times from different Bible passages that some of these people will die violent, unnatural deaths from freak accidents or other mishaps, while others may end up being the targets of other people with murderous agendas, or even a political coup. I’ve wrestled hard with my own bitter hatred and rage toward these people who have done all these things to tear Julie and me apart. But the Lord has shown me repeatedly that I don’t need to pray for anyone’s death, nor should I. That’s entirely up to Him as God.

What He has shown me I have to pray for is that the lies of Satan concerning human sexuality be exposed, especially to those caught up in homosexual living. Apparently, He has done this for some and brought them to a saving knowledge of Jesus instead. I pray this will prove true for many more, but know not all will. It grieves me personally to think of some dying over trying to turn me into a queer, but God has shown me that is the penalty they are bringing on themselves for their stubborn persistence in trying to make me come join them. Those who aren’t struck down by God for their evil-doing will be left deeply ashamed and disgraced for what they’ve done. I pray this brings them to Christ.