Ministering to Those Who Need Christ Most

I’ve wrestled with this issue because of the struggle I’ve had to find natural compassion for the spiritually lost who are hostile to the Christian faith. I’m deeply troubled over the fact that I find it much easier to judge and condemn people than show Christ’s love to them. I struggle with the problem of pointing people to Christ without giving the appearance of approving of their sin. I’m working to learn Christ’s way of touching the lives of people the way He did, showing them unconditional love while at the same time making it clear that their sin displeases God. The only difference here is that I am not Jesus, and I most certainly am not sinless. This is why it’s so important for me to keep in mind the words of Scripture that the truth will set us free (John 8:32). Christ came to set people free from the control of sin, not just its penalty.

I think of the words of Jesus to the woman caught in adultery: “Neither do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more.” (John 8:11) Jesus was never about excusing away sin any more than He was about simply damning people into hell. He always sought to give people the opportunity to repent of sin and turn to Him to become all that He wanted them to be. The same is true today, even in a culture that increasingly doesn’t even want to hear about or be confronted for sin. The need to help people understand what is displeasing to God has never been greater. Yet to find a way to explain that in love is challenging when we try to share it with people who accuse Christians of spouting hate every time we try to present God’s truth.

When it comes to this matter of speaking to LGBTQ+ rights activists, I’ve had other believers including family members tell me repeatedly that instead of getting angry and showing bitterness and rage toward them, we need to be ready to share the truth with those who are caught up in these lifestyle problems, doing so in a loving, compassionate way. I certainly agree with this in principle. In practical reality, however, it isn’t holding up. Too many of the gay men I’ve run into are so thoroughly steeped in the lifestyle that they are only interested in finding more queer sex partners, not listening to someone share the Gospel with them.

That doesn’t mean there are no spiritually hungry people among practicing homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people. I’m aware there are some among the LGBTQ+ movement who are questioning it, wrestling with doubts about the rightness of it, and some who are choosing to leave the lifestyle and movement behind. This of course, enrages leaders in the movement, especially those who also happen to be Marxists, and are using the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity as marquee causes to support, ultimately to help push the utopian delusion of Karl Marx. Individuals who have left the gay lifestyle or who have switched back to their birth gender have found themselves the targets of angry threats and expressions of outright hate for defecting from the movement. These LGBTQ+ activists become guilty of the very thing they accuse those of who disagree with them.

Even as the Equality Act has been debated in Congress, and questions about sex education curriculum introduced into our schools by LGBTQ+ rights people are raised by parents, I come back to a foundational question: Does anybody know or care what God thinks of this LGBTQ+ movement and what they’re promoting? I know this involves a sharp debate between Darwinist secular humanists, and proponents of the Judeo-Christian worldview. But when we lay the debate aside, and look at the two competing points, another question arises: Which takes more faith to believe, that we humans and every other living creature on this earth evolved by random chance out of the primordial slime, or were formed out of the dust of the ground by an all-wise, intelligent designer, a Creator-God?

This question lies at the heart of the whole debate over human sexuality. Are we evolving toward becoming all queers, with human reproduction only accomplished by artificial insemination in the future, or are we designed and meant by the Creator to be heterosexual only, with all the other variations in sexual behavior developing after humanity turned its back on that Creator? If we follow the first view, than any form of human behavior is justifiable, sexual or otherwise. If we follow the second, then we must conclude that there are standards of conduct established by that all-wise Creator-God that come to us in the form of absolute truth. When I look around at this world and all the different complex life forms that exist upon it, especially humans with the way we’re made, I find it vastly more difficult to believe that we and everything else around us just evolved by chance, than I do that an intelligent, all-wise and all-powerful Creator formed and fashioned us.

So how do I and others who follow Christ as Lord and Savior speak to those who are a part of this Marxist-based, LGBTQ+ rights movement? I think we have to start with pointing out the differences in the two worldviews that reflect the thinking of the two camps. We have to start by explaining how, from what we know about their lives from history, that Charles Darwin and Karl Marx grew up with religious backgrounds, but both came to hate religion, especially Christianity. Darwin turned against the Christian faith when God did not answer a prayer request of his affirmatively. Marx began to hate all religion, and Christianity especially, when his Jewish father decided to convert his whole family to the Lutheran Church for the sake of greater economic prosperity gained from more favor from other Germans. The end result was that Karl grew up rejecting all organized religion as “the opiate of the masses,” and developed his atheist political ideology on the basis of that hatred for religion. He hated Christianity intensely, viewing it as the source of much of the world’s “systemic evils” as he called them, particularly capitalism.

Darwin developed his theory of evolution out of his contempt for God and the Christian faith, by postulating that all of the world and universe, including humanity, evolved by random chance. In recent decades, the greater scientific community has declared Darwin’s theory to be established fact, with anyone disagreeing instantly attacked and labelled as anti-science, and anti-intellectual. The problem is, when scientists vehemently assert that a concept which is still based on assumptions and not absolute proven fact, cease to be scientists and become politicians. Where those assumptions are rooted in hatred and bitterness toward God and faith, as they were with Darwin, then the world ends up with an anti-democratic system of thought disguised as science that proves not only insulting to people of faith, but de-humanizing and destructive to the world in general. It was the theory of evolution with its emphasis on ideas such as survival of the fittest that became the justification for Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Fascism. There, the de-humanizing affect of labelling humans as just animals became the ideal support for the annihilation of certain races and ethnicities of people.

When I speak of evolutionary theory, I am not referring to the concept of microevolution, the process in which species adapt or adjust to changes in their surrounding environment. We see plenty of evidence for this in nature. But the problem lies with the concept of macroevolution in which species form and evolve from lower forms of life. This theory was really Darwin’s way of rejecting the existence of a Creator-God along with the supernatural. But just because one chooses to reject the existence of God or a spirit world doesn’t mean they cease to be. Again, I see far more evidence for the existence of the supernatural than I do for only a material world and universe.

Karl Marx was delighted to grab hold of Darwin’s theory and apply it to his atheistic political philosophy, based upon his concept of dialectic materialism. In his assault on both capitalism and religion (mainly Christianity), Marx sought to form a whole new worldview that not only rejected the existence of God and the supernatural, but to push the world rapidly and violently toward the evolution of a one-world, anarchistic society with no economy, no laws, no government, no religion, and no morality. It would be a world in which all the remaining people on earth who were not eliminated by the mass genocide he advocated to achieve this society he called Utopia, would learn to live in perfect harmony with each other, with no conflicts, no competition between people, and no one claiming ownership over anything. In light of how we humans have behaved toward each other over the centuries, this utopian concept is naive at best, and demonic at worst. A perfectly harmonious, Godless society is not even a remote possibility in light of what we know of human nature, especially if it is bought at the price of massive bloodshed, which Marx called for.

This brings me back to the issue of the LGBTQ+ rights movement and its efforts to see everyone in this country and ultimately the world, embracing the idea of all people “evolving” into queers, to create the utopian society they wish to see develop. The first and obvious problem with this is the matter of reproduction. There is no guarantee that artificial insemination is always going to work, and if so many people, especially men, are eliminated through a worldwide Marxist revolution, the possibility is very real and great the human race itself could become extinct. Furthermore, the massive and bloody revolution Marx called for would most likely result in the total annihilation of humanity. As a Christian, I don’t believe that either will happen because we have the promise that Jesus will return before the world could reach such catastrophic destruction.

This brings me back to the Judeo-Christian worldview and its focus on an almighty, sovereign, holy, Creator-God. While I can’t prove His existence to anyone, I can say that if you decide to seek Him out yourself because you really want to know He’s for real, you will find Him. God will make Himself known to you, and provide the way for you to come to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. He knows you inside out, and there’s nothing you can hide from Him. As for His nature and character, God is changeless and so is His written Word, the Bible. As our Creator, He determined how we were to function sexually, with one man married to one woman, in order to both reproduce and provide a stable home environment. It is we humans, after our first father and mother sinned, who started heading down all kinds of bizarre and perverted pathways in our quest for sexual pleasure.

Contrary to what some theologians assert today, neither God, nor our understanding of Him are evolving with the changes in culture. Here again, the destructive nature of social Darwinism and Marxism have worked into the thinking of much of today’s church, affecting so many who have listened to such teaching that instead of recognizing God making us into His own image, we try to re-create God into our image. This in turn, leads to all kinds of heresies, including the idea that we can live sexually any way we see fit, and God will just smile down upon it. No. what God established at creation for man and woman is the pattern and form He intended for human sexuality.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Whether one believes in Him or not, He is returning to this earth one day. When He does, time will have run out to make things right with Him, if one doesn’t pass away in death first. One of the myths of Marxism is that there is no soul, and when humans die, that’s it, life just ends for them. But there are too many people who have experienced temporary death, and who found out otherwise, to dismiss the idea of a soul. Our souls live on for eternity, even though our bodies don’t. The question now I must ask is: Where will YOUR soul spend eternity? It will either spend it in the glorious eternal presence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, or it will spend it in eternal darkness, isolation, and torment. The choice is ours to make, even as the Holy Spirit, convicts us of our sin. If God’s Spirit is speaking to you about your sins, will you respond to Him? Just pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner and need your forgiveness. I want to turn away from my sins, and live for You. Please forgive me, cleanse me of my sins, and fill me with Your Spirit that I may have the power to live for You. In Your Name, Amen.

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